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Pumps Distributor,Pump Casing,Coupling Mechanical
PTFE Lined Pipe & Fittings

  Pumps Distributor,Pump Casing,Coupling Mechanical
PFA Lined Valves

  Pumps Distributor,Pump Casing,Coupling Mechanical
PFA /PTFE Lined Pumps

  Pumps Distributor,Pump Casing,Coupling Mechanical
Flange & Valves Safety Shields

  Pumps Distributor,Pump Casing,Coupling Mechanical
Fully PTFE Lined Flexible Hose
Welcome to Consym

Consym Sdn. Bhd. produces a wide range of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) Lined Pipe and Fittings for the Chemical Plant, Petro-Chemical Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Biodiesel Plant, Wafer & Electronics Industry and Pharmaceutical Plant.

Founded in Singapore 1997, Consym had established in Malaysia from year 2002 with its manufacturing based in Singapore and Malaysia is capable of supplying the full range of Lined Pipe, Fittings, Lined Valve, Lined Pumps, Tanks and Control valve equipment. These products provide reliable solutions for purity piping systems, highly corrosive fluid handling processes, sealing and friction resistant applications.

In addition to supplying the full range of Lined products, Consym is also dedicated to a high standard of customer service including competitive pricing, technical and field support including plant survey, installation, testing and commissioning of systems.

Throughout the region our products and services are synonymous within the many branches of industry where dependability and reliability are essential. Consym together with our principals have had long experience in supplying products to a wide range of process facilities and are ever ready to offer solutions for your particular application.

Principals :-
Consym work in close association with

CRP, UK -Manufacturing Company, who is a leading manufacturer of high performance plastics processing who are our principal supplier of PTFE and PP Liners, Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) fittings, PTFE Bellows & various type of PFA Lined Check Valves, etc.

Consys is a manufacturer for a wide range of lined pipes and fittings with PTFE and PFA lining for the pharmaceutical, chemical process and electronics industries. Consys are manufacturing facilities in Singapore they are capable of producing chemical resistant piping system lined with PTFE and PFA meeting the relevant ASTM F1545 standard.

Richter Chemie-Technik of Germany is regarded as the pioneer in Lined Pumps, Control Valves, Industrial Valves and other corrosion-resistant measuring and control products. Richter is a company which specialized in PTFE/PFA lined valves & pumps since 1957 on the major chemical process related plants or projects in worldwide.

Ramco, US – In 1958, RAMCO, Manufacturing Company, Inc. was approached by New Jersey chemical manufacturer to develop a cost effective safety device for the control of spray-outs from pipe flanges. Thus, in 1961, the first generation of RAMCO Safety Shields made of galvanized steel was manufactured and was used for steam & oil lines and cryogenic service. Today, RAMCO has produce safety shield from several of thermoplastic materials such TFE, PP & PVC for all kind of application and industries included on naval & commercial vessels for the protection of medium spray-out and leak indication.

Xtraflex, Belgium - is experts in the international hose business specialised in production, assembly and distribution of:
  • Smooth Bore PTFE Hoses
  • PTFE Convoluted Hoses
  • Brass, Steel and SS Fittings

Stock available in Malaysia are PFA lined ball valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, and various types of check valves.